In Support of Children Counselling

Wendy Hunter, Registered Psychotherapist

In Support of Children is a private counselling service in Simcoe County for children, teens, and their families and is owned by Registered Psychotherapist, Child Counsellor, and Parenting Coach Wendy Hunter, an expert and passionate counsellor who has educated and supported families for more than 25 years.

The name IN SUPPORT OF CHILDREN COUNSELLING reflects my passion for working with children and families. I empower and encourage clients to be successful and resilient.

I provide support and education to clients who are dealing with anxiety, depression, loss and grief, ADHD, learning disabilities, trauma and school refusal to name a few. I teach children and teens how to cope, manage emotions, become resilient and problem solve.

Clients feel accepted, safe, supported, and enjoy learning from me.



Therapy Animal

Daisy is my dog who will greet you when you arrive for your session. She will play a supportive role to you and your family. She and I are in training to become a Therapy Animal Team. We are also participating in the Animal Assisted Intervention for Professionals program (AAIP) through Pet Partners. This is a program that encourages supportive relationships between a professional’s dog and their clients.

“I know it’s possible to overcome challenges and live a healthy, happy, and successful life. Contact me to learn more about my services and how I can help.”

-Wendy Hunter

Children and Teens

Teaching children strategies that will help them cope with individual challenges in a fun, nonjudgmental way.

Family Therapy

Teach each member effective ways to deal with stressors they experience. Fun, educational activities that encourage each member to relax and have fun while they learn.

Serious Illness

As people, we don’t want to upset our loved ones by asking difficult questions. Here is the opportunity for a child or teen to ask those difficult questions in a supportive and caring environment.

Parent Education

Parent coaching can help enhance your relationship with your children, teach strategies that are tailored to your family challenges and feel more confident as a parent.

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